Leadership Luminaries Podcast

Episode: 57

'How can you get to where you’re going in life and business without a map?'

Guest: Anthony Willoughby

Episode: 56

D&I is everyone’s business

Guest: Pete Stone

Episode: 55

The Power of Positive Psychology

Guest: Pa Sinyan

Episode: 54

'Humanizing Leadership'

Guest: Gerardo Segat

Episode: 53


Guest: Sofia Liasi

Episode: 52


Guest: Dr Marie-Helene Pelletier

Episode: 51

'From Fear to Trust - How to lead with courage, creativity and fun'

Guest: Elena Marsh

Episode: 50

'Using EI to optimize inclusion and diversity in a multicultural world'

Guest: Victoria Feldman

Episode: 49

'Building teams with drums and singing' with Tom Morley

Guest: Tom Morley

Episode: 48

It's your Time

Guest: Abigail Barnes

Episode: 47

'Building learning communities through peer coaching'

Guest: Sonja Robinson

Episode: 46

Conflict for Good

Guest: Liane Davey

Episode: 45

The Future of Coaching

Guest: William Shorten

Episode: 44

Aligning the Personal with the professional

Guest: Fabienne Lindholm

Episode: 43

How Do Leaders Trust Virtually

Guest: Suzie Lewis

Episode: 42

'EXP advice from the trenches' with Charlotte Boujassy

Guest: Charlotte Boujassy

Episode: 41

Life without a Tie

Guest: Ray Martin

Episode: 40

All things EXP with Stefanie Brockstädt

Guest: Stefanie Brockstädt

Episode: 39

Culture shifts that are needed in businesses in light of the Great Resignation with Nicholas Hamilton-Archer

Guest: Nicholas Hamilton-Archer

Episode: 38

Becoming a Changemaker

Guest: Alex Budak

Episode: 37

Green Shoes and Memorable Marketing with Emiel Brok

Guest: Emiel Brok

Episode: 36

The FUNdamentals of business and life with Sarah Burbedge

Guest: Sarah Burbedge

Episode: 35

EI and Psychological Safety with Deiric McCann

Guest: Deiric McCann

Episode: 034

Being Human in the Digital Age with Dr Thomas Juli

Guest: Dr Thomas Juli

Episode: 033

Design Leadership - from the creative studios to the corporate world with Juliana Proserpio

Guest: Juliana Proserpio

Episode: 032

Escape from Kyiv - from Resilience to Humility with Jeremy Peter Williams

Guest: Jeremy Peter Williams

Episode: 031

Wellbeing & Vitality with Catherine Llewellyn

Guest: Catherine Llewellyn

Episode: 030

Staying Authentic in Leadership with Dr Margarita Mayo

Guest: Dr Margarita Mayo

Episode: 029

Empowering HR with Deborah Wilkes

Guest: Deborah Wilkes

Episode: 028

'‘Meaningful’ data leads to positive culture change with Pa Sinyan

Guest: Pa Sinyan

Episode: 027

Choosing your Best Future with Sonal Bahl

Guest: Sonal Bahl

Episode: 026

Spiritual Leadership with Dr. Lynne Sedgmore

Guest: Lynne Sedgmore

Episode: 025

Honesty, transparency, participation and 'green funerals'...

Guest: Rupert Callender

Episode: 024

Being vulnerable and why it’s important

Guest: Andy Lopata

Episode: 023

The case for diverse boards

Guest: Monique Choudhuri

Episode: 022

Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching

Guest: Aubyn Howard

Episode: 021

Creativity can liberate Business!

Guest: Annemie Ress, CEO and Founder of PurpleBeach

Episode: 20

Connected Leadership

Guest: Andy Lopato, Author, Relationships Strategist and a ‘true master of networking’

Episode: 019

Transformational and Inclusive Coaching

Guest: Robert Stephenson, Trainer, Mentor, Speaker and Director of 'Animas Centre of Coaching'

Episode: 018

Learning Collides with Culture at CERN

Guest: Pascale Goy, Head of Learning & Development at CERN

Episode: 017

Leaders who create and regenerate

Guest: Dr. Jim Garrison, founder and president of Ubiquity University and the convener of Humanity Rising

Episode: 016

What it takes to lead into the future

Guest: Vikas Shah, Serial-entrepreneur, philanthropist and Visiting Professor at MIT Sloan

Episode: 015

Regenerative Business

Guest: Marcello Palazzi, entrepreneur for human progress

Episode: 014

A Coaching Culture for the Remote Workplace

Guest: Ozlem Sarioglu PCC & 'ICF Young Leader Award' winner 2019

Episode: 013

Leading & Learning through COVID | A view from AstraZeneca’s Global Head of Learning

Guest: Brian Murphy

Episode: 012

When the Void meets the Infinite | Leading change today

Guest: Ram Ramanathan

Episode: 011

YOUth Can Change the World

Guest: Leah Black

Episode: 010

Can the Bullying Leader be Redeemed?

Guest: Animah Kosai

Episode: 009

What is a 'Personal Brand' and why is it so important?

Guest: Sonal Bahl

Episode: 008

Emotional intelligence: game changing for business, life changing for people

Guest: Dr Ben Palmer

Episode: 007

How do you develop and lead a high-performing team in a virtual world?

Guest: Sabine Weishaupt

Episode: 006

Female Leaders are better at handling Crises so why aren't there more of them?!

Guest: Sylvia Smetana

Episode: 005

Speak Like a Leader, in a virtual world!

Guest: Esther Stanhope

Episode: 004

Pivoting from Fear to Confidence; your KOKODA

Guest: Carrie Benedet

Episode: 003

The Power and Practice of Purposeful Leadership

Guest: Zach Mercurio, Ph.D.

Episode: 002

Leadership for a chaotic future

Guest: Prof. David Clutterbuck

Episode: 001

Reframe Your Mindset for 2020 (and self isolation!)

Guest: Paul Corke