Being Human in the Digital Age with Dr Thomas Juli

Episode: 034

Can we still be human in the digital age? Dr Thomas Juli says we can.
According to Dr Thomas Juli, ‘traditional business has reached a dead end’ and, from his latest book ‘The Spirit of Human Business’, he describes how we can move to a transformed business model that focuses on ‘generating value for and by people’.
Dr Thomas dares us to move away from looking at ‘human resources’ (things) to viewing people as adaptive and flexible organisms. We are not machines and cannot be programmed. There is a path from ‘me’ to ‘we’ that includes trusting ourselves first so we can trust others to self-organize and be autonomous beyond the structures and processes that can straitjacket human beings.
One vital element in this transformational process is to ask what Dr Juli calls ‘wicked questions’. He calls for projects that incubate and accelerate solutions to the most difficult problems. Starting small we should ask the question “How do I want to live?” versus “What will the future look like?”
The metamorphosis from larvae into a butterfly can be painful and one must be willing to “surrender to complete transformation”.
Please join our host, Michael Banks, and our guest, Dr Thomas Juli, and enjoy this provocative and in depth conversation on the exciting possibilities of a more evolved way to do business.
Dr. Thomas Juli is a Human Business Architect , co-creator and coach for Agile project and business transformation with more than 25 years of experience in various industries and companies. He is the founder, business leader and trustee of Motivate2B, a collective for leaders, teams and entire organisations with the common goal of making business and their companies more human and sustainable.
In 2020 he joined Allianz as an executive to help its transformation into an Agile organisation and onwards into a Human Business.
He is a regular speaker at conferences worldwide such as the NASA Project Management Challenge, FQ Lounge at the World Economic Forum, Global Congress of the Project Management Institute, or Corporate Social Responsibility Forum Germany. He is the author of three books: “The Spirit of Human Business. How to Rediscover Our Human Being to Shape Our Future” (2021, BAI Press), & “Human Business. Leben und Arbeiten im digitalen Zeitalter“ (2020, Haufe), and “Leadership Principles for Project Success” (2011, CRC Press, New York).
Thomas Juli holds a doctorate with distinction in International Studies from the University of Miami, USA, and an M.A. in Economics from Washington University in St. Louis, USA, where he was a student of Nobel laureate Douglass C. North.
In his free time, he loves all kinds of outdoor activities such as running, hiking and free climbing, skiing and snowboarding. He holds a 2nd Dan (black belt) in Taekwondo, is practicing Vinyasa Yoga and dancing Tango Argentino.

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