EI and Psychological Safety with Deiric McCann

Episode: 35

Dieric McCann is one of the world’s leading experts on the topic of Emotional Intelligence and its role in creating Psychological Safety. In sharing his wisdom around the absolute imperative of this pairing in practice in our scary ‘new’ world Deiric brings practical yet profound advice and insight to this critical topic. At a time of mass attrition and resignation the companies that can create a genuinely safe environment that allows for free expression and authenticity without fear of any cost to the self will win the day. With his Irish humor and vivid metaphors Deiric brings to life the important role of EI in choosing the impact you have on others and the choice you have to make a positive impact and making it safe for others to be fully engaged.


Deiric is Head of International for Genos International, a world-leading provider of Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness assessments and education offerings, with responsibility for the management of 1,500+ Genos strategic partners worldwide. In addition, Deiric is a Genos Emotional Intelligence Master Trainer, and an accredited and experienced teacher of the Search Inside Yourself Mindful Leadership Program developed by Google. Deiric is also a two-time TED speaker and author of Leadership Charisma and several other books emphasising the critical role of engaging people to achieve business success. His particular expertise is in helping clients implement EI and Mindfulness-based solutions that deliver measurable ROI – something he speaks about regularly around the world.

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