Escape from Kyiv - from Resilience to Humility with Jeremy Peter Williams

Episode: 032

At the root of all genuine success lie certain universal human values and qualities. In the very personal story of how he successfully led his family out of war torn Kyiv Jeremy Williams learned some profound lessons about how he could become a better person and leader of people by applying some of those qualities to his business and life in general.

Jeremy’s story illustrates the importance of trust, compassion and empathy in a crisis. In difficult times leaders need to show a high degree of Emotional Intelligence to communicate honestly and transparently while ensuring the information they convey, and their style of delivery, creates a positive impression.

Just as in Jeremy’s situation in Ukraine when organisations and businesses hit periods of crisis it is heartening and important to recognize that the vast majority of people are capable of extraordinary generosity, humility and resilience. A strong community built on a network of authentic relationships can survive when there is a vision and hope lives on in peoples’ hearts and minds.


Jeremy has always been fascinated by the question ‘why’ and his curious mind has taken him on a journey from his early days as an enthusiastic sailing instructor in the 1990s, through over ten years of successful sales roles in the UK selling boats, Italian motorcycles and real-estate, to a move to France where he now lives with his family and runs his own coaching and consultancy business, Culturescale.

Jeremy has spent the last few years working closely with successful start-ups and scale-ups to boost team engagement and client retention through harnessing the power of emotional intelligence and he is particularly passionate about the delicate balance between humans and technology that many companies are striving to achieve.

In his spare time he loves to play electric guitar in his band, escapes off sailing whenever possible and is also passionate about blockchain technology and crypto-currencies.

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