'Using EI to optimize inclusion and diversity in a multicultural world'

Episode: 50

When Victoria Feldman speaks about multiculturalism she speaks with the authority of someone who has lived and worked in five different continents. And by her own admission she is an “evangelist” for Emotional Intelligence (EI) and how it is a practice that can help resolve differences and build positive relations between different cultures and types of individuals.

In this podcast interview Victoria introduces the practice of ‘empathy mapping’ – an exercise that significantly increases team members’ understanding of each other. It can also be used for improving communication between cross-functional teams.

At one point she hilariously mimics the way the Americans give feedback, sugaring the message, compared to the Israelis who tend to be very direct and blunt.

Victoria uses Dan Goleman’s material, self-awareness, social awareness and so on to give her students a framework within which to build their EI skills. She talks about making emotions work for us versus against us.

Victoria Feldman is clearly an inspiring and distinguished teacher and a highly sought-after speaker and leader in the field of leadership development and organizational transformation. Please listen in to see why.


Victoria Feldman is a distinguished multicultural speaker with a wealth of expertise in leadership development, employee development, and organisational transformation. Throughout her career, she has created top-notch talent and leadership development programs, leading to improved performance, engagement, and motivation in organisations. Her record of accomplishment includes working with leading technology and Fortune 500 firms, such as Meta, Paypal, Visa, and Amazon, as well as early-stage startups.

Currently, Victoria is serving as the Head of Learning and Development at Amazon, where she is entrusted with the task of establishing and overseeing a strategic framework for training, talent, and leadership development. She is responsible for designing and implementing cutting-edge programmes that cater to the development needs of employees across the organisation. Victoria’s vast experience, skills, and accomplishments make her a highly sought-after speaker and leader in the field of leadership development and organisational transformation.

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