When the Void meets the Infinite | Leading change today

Episode: 012

Ram Ramanathan shares his journey of going from a highly successful, autocratic corporate CEO who ruled by fear to an empathic listener who coaches people to become authentic leaders of change. Referencing ancient Vedic and Buddhist teachings, quantum physics, and ‘giants’ such as Jung, Bohm and Rogers, he describes the profile of the kind of leader who can successfully lead change today and in the future. Ram’s wisdom has profound application to our current world where coaching and mentoring can play such a major role in helping people, especially the young, become self-actualized.

Ram S Ramanathan, is an accredited master coach with ICF, EMCC and BCC, and in 2012 co-founded Coacharya, a global alliance of like minded, highly qualified coaches engaged in leadership development, with the objective of helping people discover their better self. Ram has had long CEO & serial entrepreneur stints over 4 decades. Ram has deep interest in cross cultural spirituality. His passion is to integrate Eastern wisdom with Western sciences to coach corporate leaders in their transformational leadership journey of ‘Mindless Barefoot Leadership’. Ram and his wife are Singapore citizens with permanent residence in Bangalore, India with their rescue dog, spending part year with their grandchildren in the USA.

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