D&I is everyone’s business

Episode: 56

This conversation with Pete Stone is the most comprehensive, provocative and stimulating exposition of this topic you’re likely to hear. Pete has the passion of a true expert and this half hour interview with Michael Banks of PeopleSmart SAS is jam packed with wise and progressive ideas! 

Pete’s passion is fuelled by his conviction that D&I has the potential to help humanity be more open and less judgmental. This includes being able to resolve conflicts more easily.

Along the way he touches on why diversity policies in corporations are built on ‘discrimination’ and too reliant on ‘countable diversity’, the role of women in business, innovation, and the need to define what is Inclusion before deciding policy.

He explains his 5 Pillars model which includes ensuring a balance between being unique and oneself and  being inclusive.

Pete Stone is crystal clear that D&I is not just the concern of HR but everyone in the organization. It is a business imperative that should be everyone’s business. When a CEO has this realization it can change everything!

Curious? Please enjoy and we’d love for you to respond back to us even if you disagree with some of the content.


Pete has French and British nationalities. He worked in education and training for 15 years, and in particular at Neoma.

Business School in Rouen. He continued his career in HR and Recruitment Consulting where he was Marketing & Operations Director for Hudson France, whose diversity policy he designed and implemented.

He then founded Just Different, a company specialised in Diversity & Inclusion. Pete is co-author of several books and guides on diversity and inclusion and is / has been a board member of four NGOs, ESTIMnumérique, Jolokia, Konstelacio and Pro Intercultura.

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