Aligning the Personal with the professional

Episode: 44

It was fun conversing with Fabienne Lindholm as we discussed the importance of optimizing each employee’s passion by helping them operate out of their true purpose in life. When someone has sourced their true purpose they can more easily align this purpose with the company’s vision and purpose and optimize their energy.

A first step on this journey is what Fabienne calls ‘regrouping’ which is a time for reflection and deep exploration to identify one’s true passion. This usually takes time even if it means a quantum leap in self-awareness and the subsequent freedom that comes with this.

Among other topics we discuss the roles of courage and curiosity in this journey. And how curiosity can be the catalyst for building trust.

Fabienne believes in ‘learning by doing’ and learning from experience not just theory. In her work with women over the years she has found that low confidence and self-esteem stems from a lack of knowledge. She helps female execs make up for this lack of knowledge and tap into their authenticity or ‘true self’.

This was a fascinating conversation interspersed with one or two real stories that illustrate the power of discovering one’s true purpose even if you are ‘getting on’ in life!


Fabienne is a global learning & development executive with years of experience coaching and motivating individuals and teams. A speaker, facilitator, and soon-to-be author, she currently holds two positions, one as the global education director for BABOR BEAUTY GROUP and one as a women’s self-confidence advocate. With her company Fabienne Lindholm Revs Up your life! She ignites and fuels passion for positive change and transformation and fosters leadership in women.

Fabienne has traveled to 60 countries and lectured on four continents; she is bold, optimistic, compassionate, and funny. A marathon runner, she has learned discipline, resilience, and determination while training and finishing five marathons.

Fabienne has 30+ years in executive management in the beauty and wellness industry. She managed spa teams and operations for luxury hotels such as the Waldorf Astoria and multiple-location spas in Chicago, USA. In the last ten years, she has been in the L&D and the training of adults, primarily women. She is fluent in French and English and lives in the Netherlands

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