Green Shoes and Memorable Marketing with Emiel Brok

Episode: 37

It is not ‘business as usual’ at SUSE, the open source software company. Head of Training services Emiel Brok, spends a lot of his time marketing the training by being ‘memorable’. He believes it’s important to get peoples’ attention and stand out from the crowd. The ‘playful learning’ is part of what makes SUSE such a great place to work. Emiel is given free rein to express his creativity in service of the company’s stated desire that “everyone should feel welcome at SUSE”.

Listen in as Emiel discusses the role of social media in his promotion of SUSE’s training services. How his ‘Friday Ketchup’ podcast series is about fun and sharing knowledge and information. It comes with music and colorful shirts. #geeko on tour is about photos and videos of Emiel with his green company mascot – a stuffed chameleon. He is also known for mixing business suits with bright green shows on stage at conferences. SUSE even has its own in-house band that posts brilliant covers of well known songs in the form of parodies on YouTube.

Emiel Brok is an inspiring example of someone who boldly goes beyond the norms of what is expected of the role of Head of Training. Please join us and find out how he does this.


Emiel Brok is Head of Training Services responsible for the EMEA and APJ-regions (Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Pacific, and Japan) at SUSE, Projects Lead & Board Member Steering Committee at SUSE GoGreen Employee Network. Board Member at Dutch Workers Counsel. Co-founder, board member and ‘Master of Ceremony’ at ICT Netwerk Nijmegen. Emiel is an open source expert who is passionate about sharing knowledge. He believes that by making software available to anyone, we can grow faster and make the world a better place.

An advocate for Diversity and Inclusion within his company and outside, Emiel received a D&I award personally from the SUSE’s CEO, Melissa di Donato. He has an amazing, self-produced, Youtube Channel called Friday Ketchup where he discusses open source topics combined with some fun with guests every week. Emiel is a true believer in mentorship and knowledge sharing – beyond just code.

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