Wellbeing & Vitality with Catherine Llewellyn

Episode: 031

We spend a lot of time working, in fact the average full-time employee works around 37 hours every week. We dedicate most of our awake time and energy to work. So why do only 27% of people feel their employer really cares about their overall wellbeing? What are employees doing wrong and how can we fix it?

Michael Banks’ conversation with Catherine Llewellyn, Master Humanistic Psychologist, Organizational Transformation Strategist and Type ‘A’ Wrangler, provides an expanded view of organizational wellbeing and vitality. Going beyond the more formulaic and programmatic approach to this important, and highly relevant topic, she suggests that well-being is more of a ‘state’ than a set of ‘one size fits all’ best practices.

Catherine explains how she applies to organizations the diagnostic model she co-designed with Professor Paul Tosey of Surrey University. It’s called the Seven Levels and is based upon the Hindu and Buddhist system of seven chakras or energy centers. In this way she can ‘prescribe’ a ‘well being and vitality journey’ that is tailored to each unique organization.

In a time of almost universal fear and stress around viruses and wars a state of wellbeing for all is more desirable than ever. Please join us and be inspired and encouraged by listening to Catherine Llewellyn’s experience and wisdom about how leaders can raise the level of wellness in their organizations by starting with themselves!


Catherine is: a Self-Mastery Catalyst | Master Humanistic Psychologist | Type ‘A’ Wrangler | Writer | Podcaster | Free Thinker | Intuitive Healer | Conscious Dancer | Executive Mentor | Organizational Transformation Strategist | Cat lover. As a Master Humanistic Psychologist, Catherine helps successful entrepreneurs, execs and business owners launch themselves to the Next Level – for their businesses and for themselves personally.

Her lifelong passion for human evolution and transformation began at age six, encouraged by her bohemian upbringing and a variety of catalytic encounters with radical thought leaders. For over five decades Catherine has investigated and incorporated the humanistic philosophical approach, along with the arts of physical embodiment, energy healing and strategic creativity.  She has a profound lived familiarity with what it is to be a free-thinker, and a non-conformist.

For many years Catherine worked on large-scale corporate leadership and transformation programs, aligning fiscal success with values driven leadership and culture. Her clients were top business leaders whose transformations benefited thousands of people. Nowadays Catherine works directly and privately with clients, hosts a weekly podcast Truth & Transcendence, organizes local conscious gatherings for free thinkers, and periodically releases insightful and thought-provoking eBooks published on Amazon.

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