The FUNdamentals of business and life with Sarah Burbedge

Episode: 36

Over the last few years it has been easy to forget that work and life can be joyous and fun. Given the relentless barrage of negative news and gloomy prognostications about the future, surely it’s time to remember the importance of laughter and play?

Sarah Burbedge, Head of Change at the BBC, discusses the role of the ‘disrupter’ in meetings and business conversations. How far can we push it and be mischievous to positive effect? Is it possible to have fun at work? Sarah finds insight and inspiration in this respect from her young children.

At a time of universal staff shortages when corporate leaders are trying to find ways to make their workplaces attractive to talented people, one of the great attractors is a community that enjoys itself and can share laughter and fun along the way. Sarah Burbedge describes the various ways she tries to instill this approach in all her work activities. Please join in!


Sarah Burbedge is Head of Change at the BBC. She was a BBC TV and radio reporter and newsreader, who became a live events producer and then Head of Change, Sarah’s career has followed a Bridget Jones to W1A trajectory.  Currently part of the team focused on Future of Work for the BBC, she is Co-Founder of A Life More Extraordinary, a Trustee for mental health charity Soulscape and a Champion for 2-3 days.com.  Sarah is passionate about people, content and change, she is a creative leader with a ‘can do’ attitude and a track record for getting stuff done whilst having plenty of fun along the way! In her other equally rewarding and exhausting role as Mummy, Head of Fun and Exec Assistant to Oliver (7) and Gracie (5) and Ginny the spaniel (1), Sarah is busy questing for the ultimate cocktail of sense of humor, wellbeing and work-life balance/collision!

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