'From Fear to Trust - How to lead with courage, creativity and fun'

Episode: 51

Elena Marsh is one of the exciting ‘new’ pioneers in teaching that leadership development is essentially spiritual development. 

In this conversation with Michael Banks Elena begins by describing the 7 levels of Leadership and how when you enter the 4th level you are likely to enter what Dante calls “the dark forest”. This is where there is an opportunity for transformation according to the soul’s needs. An example of this could be a middle aged executive who realizes thay are no longer satisfied with their job and decides to pursue something they are truly passionate about.

Elena shares how the leadership journey is about going beyond the need to be ‘liked and right’ and the dangers of being inauthentically ‘nice’. The option at this point is safety or growth and having the courage to move through the fear of rejection into a genuinely independent state.

Elena finished our discussion with a message for all on the path of leadership growth: Be courageous and lead with integrity.


Elena Marsh is a co-founder of BeCoach Academy and an accredited International Coaching Federation professional coach (PCC) with twenty years of international experience in leadership development.

Her mission is to support, empower and inspire individuals, organizations and their leaders to live and work with meaning and purpose, revealing their full potential in alignment with their core values.

Her professional background is in HR, working as an HR Director in Central Asia and HR Support Manager in Eastern Europe in an international corporation with a focus on leadership development, talent management and implementation of an integrated performance management system in the region. 

For the last ten years, Elena has been working as a coach, consultant and facilitator with leaders from around the world alongside with successfully developing BeCoach Academy which provides ICF accredited coach training.

Originally from Kazakhstan, Elena journeyed through Siberia, Moscow and London to reach Munich where she lives today with her British husband and their Polish dog.

Special thanks to Tom Morley (https://morley.com/) for providing the fantastic intro and outro music that sets the perfect tone for our podcast! – his musical and creative talent truly enhances the listening experience!

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