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Our Mission

At PeopleSmart, we see change as an opportunity, not a challenge. Watching our clients grow is deeply rewarding. We are here to help you identify every opportunity, transform, and lead with confidence. Watching our clients, their teams and customers grow is deeply rewarding.



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An Agile, Global Approach

Our Story

PeopleSmart was founded in 2001 to expand international access

to powerful leadership coaching, development consulting, emotional intelligence courses, and skills training services.

Chris Pether, our founder and managing director, laid the professional foundation of her career in recruitment, talent development, and HR management to then step into global consulting. Her strong commercial drive and her love for business growth led her to found PeopleSmart to make a wider impact with fewer geographic and cultural restrictions.

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of everything we do, both in terms of the progressive solutions that we offer and the network of consultants that we hire. We are not limited to physical offices, so we can leverage the very best talent across a wide range of cultures and languages. All of our partners are multilingual, and many speak two or three languages fluently.

As PeopleSmart continues to grow, we will always put people first. Our collaborative team does not have a hierarchy and there are no complicated chains of command, so you can receive the agile, innovative service that you deserve.

We do not only set high expectations; we exceed them.

Driving Excellence from Within

Our values


We care about what you want and what you need.

Team oriented

We believe that the best results happen in collaboration and by including everybody.


We encourage our clients to do things differently and help them be bold.


We help you grow self-awareness, adapt and develop new mindsets for future success.


We live by trust being at the core of what we do and quality relationships that are here to stay.

It all starts with a conversation:

We are always happy to hear from new and existing clients. There is very little we don’t do. If we cannot help you we will tell you. We enjoy a challenge. We love to innovate. We share generously. We will challenge you. Do you need to talk something through? We are always happy to connect.

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