Transformational and Inclusive Coaching

Episode: 019

Robert Stephenson works at the ‘leading edge’ in his field. He is passionate, thoughtful, eloquent and insightful in sharing his lived experience of practicing transformational and existential coaching. Robert explains how this approach focuses on the person, not just the performance, and answers the question, “What is the difference between life coaching and executive coaching?” We also discuss how he is exploring diversity and inclusion in the world of coaching and what he is doing to encourage a compassionate focus on that through his leadership of the Animas Center for Coaching in London.

Robert Stephenson is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Trainer, Mentor, Speaker and the Centre Director of Animas, one of the largest coaching schools in the UK and Europe. In his role as Centre Director Robert’s his work is centred around supporting the 3,000 and growing alumni that make up the Animas community. Robert’s true love in coaching is using the multi-sensory and multi-dimensional process of narrative coaching to allow new stories to emerge within a client’s world. When he’s not developing new and exciting training courses, he is imparting his insights around coaching, diversity, and inclusion, leadership and beyond as host of the Animas podcast Coaching Uncaged.

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