The Future of Coaching

Episode: 45

This episode is a must for anyone who coaches or is interested in becoming a coach!

William Shorten speaks clearly and eloquently from the ‘front line’ as he shares his view of coaching past, present, and the possible future. A future that includes the increasing democratization of this art, the use of AI, and the proliferation of niche approaches.

We delve into the different methods Will uses including an in-depth exposition of 360 options.

Will and I discuss the question “What makes a great coach?” versus a good coach. And after Will summarizes his view of the future of coaching he makes some excellent recommendations for some books worth reading!


Before setting up his own business and becoming a consultant and business coach in 2019 William had 25 years of experience in a broad range of roles in a couple of manufacturing organisations. Functions have included operations, R&D, Commercial (both Sales and Purchasing), and lastly L&D and HR. He jokes although he still doesn’t know what he wants to do when he grows up by this stage L&D and coaching are probably about as close as he’s going to get.

William managed a number of teams in these different functions which provided insight into how to be effective as a leader and get the most out of his teams. In addition, he had the privilege to travel with his work to a wide and diverse range of countries as well as having the opportunity to work and live in France for 5 years. These experiences were hugely beneficial in allowing him to operate in a wide number of business settings and cultures.

Apart from his own business William works as an associate with several other consultancies including PeopleSmart SAS, Barefoot Coaching Ltd, Talogy, and DLA Ignite. He offers and provides a range of activities including coaching, and consulting, as well as designing, delivering, and facilitating training programs (both online and in-person).

Outside of work he enjoys cycling and wine, a legacy strengthened by his time living in France, as well as reading (especially books on history and sports). In addition, he is a contributor to LinkedIn Livestreams, including the ‘Digital Download’ and ‘The Big Live Breakfast Burrito’ where he recites poetry from time to time.

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