Life without a Tie

Episode: 41

Ray Martin, aka The Daily Explorer, is an entrepreneur and award-winning business leader. As a coach, mentor, facilitator, speaker, writer, and mindfulness teacher, he is a torchbearer for greater human consciousness. He courageously explores both his external and internal world daily in pursuit of greater insight and wisdom about life, for himself and others. He created the Calling All Angels Foundation and runs marathons to raise money for causes he believes in, which have included an orphanage in Nepal and an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. Whatever he does, his mission is to bring more joy and happiness into the world.

Ray has just published his book, Life Without A Tie, which is, according to Steve Chamberlain, Author, On Purpose,”Uplifting, challenging, courageously honest and enlightening. An invitation to re-think your life.”

Different from ‘normal guests’. Ray Martin escaped the corporate treadmill and went on a six month sabbatical that ended up as a 14 year journey of self-discovery. The lessons he learned I believe are relevant to anyone looking to optimize their career and life. This is especially for all those people who experienced a watershed of reflection and re-orientation during the pandemic that contributed in return to the Great Resignation and the proliferation of digital nomads. Suggestion: this book is ideal for anyone in the early phases of their life who can benefit from Ray’s stories and insights to design a new life based on a meaningful purpose and true values.

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