Episode: 53

🎙 Join us in the latest episode of ‘Leadership Luminaries’ as we dive deep into the art of embracing transitions with the incredible Sofia Liasi.

Discover how Sofia, a Whole Person Certified Coach, creates spaces for corporate leaders to be vulnerable, curious, and authentic in their journey through transitions. Her passion for leadership and understanding how individuals show up in the workplace is truly inspiring.

Sofia’s global journey from Greece to The Netherlands and now Switzerland adds a unique perspective to our conversation. Don’t miss out on the wisdom she shares from her diverse experiences in Hospitality, Oil and Gas, Healthcare, and Pharma.

Uncover the power of bringing your whole self to work and leading from a space of humanity. Tune in now for an insightful discussion on navigating transitions and embracing authenticity.


Sofia holds spaces where corporate leaders are encouraged to be vulnerable, and curious and bring their whole self to work so that they can lead from a space of humanity and authenticity.

As a Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC), she gets her energy from supporting people often navigating transitions to uncover and bring forward their uniqueness. She considers her own personal growth practice work in progress that is characterised by ups and downs and her motto is ‘’there is no coincidence, coincidence enough’’.

Her passion for leadership and how people show up in the workplace led her to University of London for her MSc in Organisational Behaviour.

A curious human and a natural connector made in Greece, she loves traveling and experiencing different cultures. She has worked in Hospitality, Oil and Gas, Healthcare and Pharma in Greece, The Netherlands and now Switzerland where she calls Basel home.

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