Pivoting from Fear to Confidence; your KOKODA

Episode: 004

In this episode Australian Carrie Benedet tells the story, in graphic detail, of how she walked the Kokoda Trail, a “mammoth” and gruelling military trek 152kms from Owen’s Corner, across Owen Stanley Ranges up the Imita Ridge 2,190 metres (7,185 ft) to Kokoda. This heroic journey and its many life challenges and lessons was the catalyst for starting her business ‘Thriving Matters’

Carries believes we all have our ‘everyday’ Kokodas, our daily challenges, especially during this time of Covid 19. She shares with great passion and energy her wise advice for dealing with these challenges as she digs into such relevant topics as Resilience, Choice, Emotional Intelligence, Gratitude, Community and most important, Love!

Nowadays Carrie takes groups of leaders to stay with ingenious tribes or ‘first people’ like the Yoingu in Arnhem Land where they learn how to bring their hearts to the table and provide ‘conscious leadership’ to the communities in which they find themselves.

Carrie Benedet has 24 years of industry experience in creating and leading leadership experiences, programs and courses. She ‘walks the talk’ by hosting transformative global leadership experiences through the lens of purpose, culture, performance and growth. Carrie has a global conference presence and a podcast series called Thriving Matters. She is an Education Specialist who focuses on personal and professional growth mindset with aspiring and experienced Leaders and Teams in Education Systems, Government and Business. Carrie is a global leadership coach, dynamic facilitator and Keynote speaker with a passion for developing future leaders.

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