'How can you get to where you’re going in life and business without a map?'

Episode: 57

🎙️ New Podcast Episode: Join our host, Michal Banks, for a profound exploration with Anthony Willoughby, a life adventurer and global traveler, as he delves into the transformative power of ancient indigenous wisdom. Discover how his experiences with the Masai tribes illuminated the essence of leadership: ‘substance without arrogance’ versus the prevalent ‘arrogance with no substance’ in modern times.

🌍 Cultural Wisdom Unveiled: From his encounters in Papua New Guinea, Anthony unveils the profound understanding of indigenous communities, where the hunt for love and respect serves as a guiding compass. Learn how Anthony empowers individuals to chart their paths by creating personal maps, offering clarity amidst life’s ‘mountains, valleys, and marshes’.

🌟 Foundations of True Leadership: Delve into Anthony’s insights on the pillars of a sustainable culture: ‘power, wealth, and status’ redefined as life experience, wisdom, and meaningful contributions. Tune in to find out how Andrew Willoughby’s perspective on a leader’s role in fostering pride, emphasizing love, respect, and heart-centered leadership.


Anthony Willoughby describes himself as a life enthusiast and has spent the best part of his life in search of inspiration. He has been described as an eccentric explorer, adventurer and entrepreneur.

He was brought up in Africa and lived in Japan for 30 years and has lived his life on some of the roads less traveled in many of the remotest and hostile parts of the world. Based on these experiences Anthony developed an inspirational methodology which helps individuals and organizations achieve greater fulfillment and productivity through the use of metaphors which bring everyone around the same fire and onto the same map.

Anthony has developed a powerful instinctive methodology that uses natural metaphors and ancient wisdom to build trust, clarity and understanding across all cultures, hierarchies and language barriers.

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