How Do Leaders Trust Virtually

Episode: 43

After decades of working successfully with organizational leaders to transform both themselves and their companies, Suzie Lewis (Managing Director at Transform for Value | Podcast host “Let’s talk Transformation” | Executive coach | Keynote speaker) sits down with our host, Michael Banks, to share her wisdom around how leaders can create the right conditions to generate real trust both virtually and in person.

Suzie is eloquent, clear, and fluent as she moves us seamlessly from key concepts to practical and behavioral advice. In particular, she discusses certain elements that lead to a trusting environment.

  1. The progression from Me —> We —> Us is not a project but a mindset, and requires us to develop not only critical systems lenses but also developmental practices.
  2. Understanding self-leadership and our inner system before looking at how we interact and impact the external system.
  3. Psychological safety. This is not about being nice… it is not about the absence of threat or challenge, but about the presence of connection. Emotional awareness is particularly important in the digital environment.
  4. Culture is so important and multilayered: personal identity / national culture / organizational culture and national culture
  5. Inclusion: in a digital environment we need to be even more intentionally inclusive than we are normally.

Suzie explains how to develop trust through daily ‘developmental practices’, describes being ‘intentionally inclusive’ in behavioral terms, and ‘being human’ as this is where trust will be built.

If you would like to hear more of the detail behind these ideas please listen in as Suze and Michael dive in!



Founder and Managing Director of Transform for Value, Suzie is a global business leader and executive coach with extensive experience in driving international transformation projects, and in preparing business leaders and employees for change.

Diversity and inclusion is an integral part of everything Suzie does, and indeed the basis of her quest: to help organizations and leaders understand the human side of business and create more inclusive leadership and more collaborative cultures.

During 20 years in the aeronautical industry, she has led both flagship projects and teams large and small encompassing leadership, coaching and culture change; digital transformation and innovation; strategy, governance and deployment; HR, recruitment and assessment; diversity and inclusion; talent management; lean and Agile methodologies; change management and operational deployment.

Suzie lives in Toulouse, France

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