Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching

Episode: 022

Please enjoy this dialog between two master coaches with a combined 70 years of experience between them! The topic is psychosynthesis coaching which differs greatly from what can be the overly formulaic coaching techniques available from many contemporary coaching certification courses.

Aubyn Howard explains how psychosynthesis coaching covers both outer behavioral changes and the inner psychological world that includes the spiritual aspect of leadership development. Opening the heart and being open hearted is at the core of this holistic approach to coaching. Aubyn makes the case that this kind of integrated, ‘whole person’ approach is more important than ever in this new world of increased polarization, isolation and the inner crisis of meaning and identity especially prevalent among young people, our future leaders. This is why we need a Psychology of Being for this Time of Crisis!

Aubyn holds an MA in Psychosynthesis Psychology with the London Institute of Psychosynthesis and an MSc in Change Agent Skills and Strategies with the HPRG? at Surrey University. He draws upon more than 30 years’ experience as an organisational consultant, facilitator, educator and coach, supporting transformational change and leadership development with leaders of all sizes of organisation, across many different sectors and national cultures. Aubyn is an APECS Accredited Executive Coach and a Psychosynthesis Coaching Supervisor. He is the Author of Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching: a Psychology of Being for a Time of Crisis (2020). Aubyn lives with his wife Diana in France

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