All things EXP with Stefanie Brockstädt

Episode: 40

Stefanie Brockstädt leads teams composed of members from all over the world. In this conversation she homes in on the universal and essential elements that comprise a compelling employee experience. She feels passionately that management needs to be open to a variety of approaches rather than one size fits all.

What conditions will allow each individual to be happy, motivated and give their best to the enterprise? Some prefer working at home or from a ‘nomad’ location while others favor in office collaboration.The younger generations especially are now looking for flexibilityautonomy and trust. Stefanie thinks leaders should focus on enablement and encouraging employees to think for themselves. Leaders need to be emotionaly intelligent enough to boldly make the right decisions around the employee experience rather than being a slave to ‘policies’.

The conversation finishes with Stefanie offering some examples of actions taken in her own company that enhance the employee experience. Actions like everyone taking a day out to help out in the community. This contribution is also a bonding exercise that contributes to a positive employee experience.


Two things I was always passionate about is being creative and engaging with different people. Before I could find this passion in my professional life, I took advantage of my third passion – travel and exploring different cultures. My career in tourism started in Berlin and then in Greece, and I was able to complete this experience by also working from Portugal and Ireland. Ireland helped me to find my place. Learning more about business, I found my niche and passion in learning & development. This was over 13 years ago.

I now work as head of L&D at Berlin Brands Group and have worked as a trainer, Instructional Designer, Project and program Mgr for L&D up to my current role. Combining my true passion of developing people and seeing them grow with the element of employee experience is amazing. I was always curious and enjoyed bringing this curiosity to teaching others. It moves me, knowing that I bring new aspects to how people think and look at things. I want to enable people to think outside the box and be bold. I am never standing still, no matter if it is in my professional or private life. There is always something new to learn or to do.

When I’m not working?I am a huge Borussia Dortmund fan. One of my idols is Jürgen Klopp, even though he is no longer the manager there. He stands for passion, honesty and empathy and someone who is true to his emotions. I also love to go hiking as it allows me to travel and to decelerate.

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