Employee Experience/Engagement w/ Stefanie Brockstädt (Part 1)

In this video Part 1 Stephanie Brockstadt, Head of Learning & Development at Berlin etc. is first asked the question “How can we ensure well-being is embedded within all aspects of employee experience?” The new generation of workers has shifted their priorities since covid and the war in Ukraine. They are looking for physical and mental stability. Certainly in Europe. So people are looking for a healthy style and a focus on looking after themselves. They view these things as more important than money. At the same time Stephanie says that providing benefits such as yoga and access to therapy can sometimes be ‘over engineered’ and expensive. Less costly to arrange is flexible working hours and hybrid locations even including working from other countries.

The next question is “Where does well-being start?” and Stephanie’s response is that it starts with the individual working on themselves. When one calms oneself it has a positive effect on others in the company as well as the self. And then, in Stephanie’s opinion, a great employee experience is only possible when everyone is included. For example, there are many different kinds of disabilities and leaders need to be sensitive and responsive to everyone’s individual circumstances. Ideally this should come naturally if the leader genuinely  cares about others and is truly empathic. 

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