Strength in Diversity & Inclusion with Charlotte Forsyth (Part 2)

Continuing PeopleSmart’s focus on Diversity and Inclusion for the second quarter of 2021 we heard more from Charlotte Forsyth, Chief People Officer at WorldRemit.

Strength in Diversity & Inclusion with Charlotte Forsyth (Part 2) from Business Transformation Network on Vimeo.

“What leadership behaviours do employees need to see to truly believe in an inclusive culture?” Charlotte says leaders must recognize that different groups have different experiences. She has been in many meetings designed to promote women to be leaders in which the majority group, white male leaders, has been completely absent! Leaders should also recognize the differences within each group. Charlotte herself is a mum with kids but a single woman from the LGBQ community may have a very different experience. To ascertain which leadership behaviours mattered most, employees were invited to provide qualitative responses to the question “What kind of culture currently prevails and what’s needed for the future?”

“How are D&I efforts measured?” World Remit is an international organization so they use their employee data and people’s feedback from around the world to look at to what degree groups are represented well, poorly or not at all. Charlotte is proud to say that in November 2020 an inclusion survey asking the question “Am I treated with respect regardless of who I am and where I come from?” came in second highest as a global metric for World Remit.

The third question was “How has your D&I agenda evolved through 2020 and beyond?” and Charlotte’s response highlighted the increased need to address mental health and well being. The institution of a quarterly ‘Recharge’ day, launched in August 2020, has landed really well and signals to everyone at World Remit how important the company takes mental health.

At PeopleSmart ‘Strength in Diversity and Inclusion’ is more than just the ‘topic du jour’. It is one of our core values and central to the way we are constituted and how we act as an organization. With a diversity of experienced consultants spread across the globe we embrace the spectrum of genders, cultures and backgrounds. This allows us to serve our international clients in a way that suits the constituents of their various populations. Our specialist consultants bring deep experience and knowledge of Diversity and Inclusion to our clients’ need for solutions in this critical aspect of the contemporary business world.

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