Strength in Diversity & Inclusion with Charlotte Forsyth (Part 1)

As part of PeopleSmart’s focus on Diversity and Inclusion for the second quarter of 2021 we were eager to hear from Charlotte Forsyth, Chief People Officer at WorldRemit.

Strength in Diversity & Inclusion with Charlotte Forsyth (Part 1) from Business Transformation Network on Vimeo.

Charlotte is passionate about ‘What makes a comfortable place for someone to work in’. She believes that Diversity means nothing without Inclusion. You can look at the stats to achieve parity in how the workforce is composed but how someone feels is the true measure of Inclusion. Are people truly valued and able to bring their whole selves to work?

When Charlotte was at Facebook, to her delight she came across this definition: Diversity is when someone is invited to the party, Inclusion is being asked to dance, and Belonging is when they play your favorite song!

In this interview Charlotte answers the question “Can technology be the enabler for employees to feel comfortable discussing well being?” by giving examples of surveys that have created an ‘engagement index’ and how these data can help create ‘engagement plans’ and have prompted the piloting of an “Always On” channel for employees to confidentially share their concerns and stay connected.

She goes on to talk about the various ways employees can be empowered to establish their own support networks through resilience trainings, cookery and fitness classes, quizzes and scavenger hunts. Oh, and cocktail hours! Now Charlotte says they are looking for ways to maintain the momentum of post lockdown including creating opportunities for ‘safe space’ sharing for people of color, the disabled and other minority groups.

At PeopleSmart ‘Strength in Diversity and Inclusion’ is more than just the ‘topic du jour’. It is one of our core values and central to the way we are constituted and how we act as an organization. With a diversity of experienced consultants spread across the globe we embrace the spectrum of genders, cultures and backgrounds. This allows us to serve our international clients in a way that suits the constituents of their various populations. Our specialist consultants bring deep experience and knowledge of Diversity and Inclusion to our clients’ need for solutions in this critical aspect of the contemporary business world.

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