Power of Purpose with Jerry Pico (Part 2)

In this interview with Jerry Pico, Co-Lead, Global Culture Initiative at Daiichi Sankyo Co., he talks about his company’s purpose – “To contribute to the enrichment of the quality of life around the world” and how his pharmaceutical firm has a social mission to ‘give back’ through the three core values of “integrity, accountability and innovation”.

Next Jerry explains that, as part of the company-wide culture change they are in the middle of, they administered a diagnostic that led to the ability to link each person’s individual purpose to the company’s purpose, values and strategy.

Another value emerged. Instead of the leadership being more HQ centric, thanks to the pandemic global leadership can be exercised virtually and is more fluid. By embracing diversity and inclusion a leader can contribute whoever they are and wherever they are based. 

Jerry ends by describing how pleased he was when a senior leadership group chose to vote for self-awareness as the number one most important leadership competency. A leader cannot be authentic without this. And what does being authentic mean in practice? It means asking questions, listening well, ‘exuding empathy and compassion’ and being true to oneself.

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