Power of Purpose with Jerry Pico (Part 1)

As we continue our ‘Leading Into The Future’ TV Series, in partnership with The Business Transformation Network, we are eager to welcome and hear from Jerry Pico, (Co-Lead, Global Culture Initiative at Daiichi Sankyo Co), who will be discussing the ‘Power of Purpose’.

With great clarity, and based upon his years of experience in the corporate world, Jerry Pico shares his view that of course it’s OK for a leader to have his or her one values that are not included in the company’s set of core values.

But it IS vital that the leader supports the purpose and strategy and, above all the CORE values of their company.

The leader cannot lead authentically if they do NOT believe in those core values. They must ‘walk the talk’ and the culture must encourage people to call out and give feedback to those who don’t do this.

Jerry Pico says there should be consequences for not doing so and if they do not truly believe in the company’s core values they should leave the organisation.

When asked if there was any potential downside to a purpose driven organisation Jerry says that people could lose sight of their own purpose and blindly follow a leader who does not have the right values, a leader who only wants to control, manipulate and degrade people and the organisational culture.

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