Bold Leadership with Sean Penistone (Part 2)

In this second part of the interview with Sean Penistone, Former Head of L&D and Talent at Colt Technology Services, begins by answering the question: “What is your take on how the business landscape will look in 2030?” He describes how Colt has launched a hybrid working initiative giving people the freedom to choose where and how they work. 

This is going well however Sean shares how difficult it is to build a corporate culture when everyone is not together in the same space. Much thought will be given to how to refine hybrid working over the next few years. Certainly Sean believes some kind of ‘communal space’ will have a role to play.

Then comes the question: “What do you think the style of a leader needs to be going forward?” Sean thinks that “managers need to be more generous”, be more deliberate with giving feedback, and listen and include people more. Managers will need to develop the skill of facilitating meetings where some are not physically present. And he concludes by suggesting that we ALL will have to change to some degree in the future to successfully accommodate this ‘workplace’.

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