Bold Leadership with Anique van Lent (Part 2)

In this second part of the BTN interview with Anique van Lent she replies to the question: “Can you train someone to have more Emotional Intelligence?” Anique says “Practice is power” and the EQ muscle can be trained to better at dealing with stress and how that can distract one’s attention from being present for others. With practice the beneficial application of EQ skills can move from conscious to ‘second nature’.

The second leading question for Anique was “How do you create a culture of self-awareness?” She is concerned that as everything speeds up there is no time for reflection. It should be the job of HR and L&D to work with leaders to establish sufficient time and space for self-reflection for all. The leaders can support the need for, and practice of, the type of ‘inner’ work that yields an increase in self-awareness which in turn gives identity and confidence to those who do the work. 

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