Executive Insights – Episode 3

🎬 Executive Insights with Chris Pether – Episode 3: Financial Pillar

Join our CEO and Founder, Chris Pether in this enlightening episode of #ExecutiveInsights as she explores the crucial Financial Pillar.

Gain insights into financial principles essential for effective leadership and business management.

🔍 Discover actionable strategies to ensure your team is well-informed about the financials of your business and learn how to enhance communication about financial matters within your organization.

🤔 **Questions for Reflection:**

1. What recent actions have you taken to keep your team informed about the financials of the business?

2. How have you been communicating financial principles to your team in recent weeks?

3. What steps can you take to improve communication about financial matters within your team?

4. How can you further develop your team’s understanding of financial principles?

🌐 Stay tuned for more invaluable insights and wisdom! Stay well, and see you soon for the next episode of #ExecutiveInsights! 🌟

Executive Insights – Episode 2

🌟 Episode 2 of Executive Insights 🌟

In this episode, Chris Pether delves deep into one of PeopleSmartSAS’ Four Growth Pillars: Clients.

🏛️ From having a crystal-clear understanding of expectations to deciphering the intricacies of human behavior and aspirations, Chris unveils the importance of empathy in client relations.

💡 Exploring the Trust Equation and its role in building lasting partnerships, she leaves us with invaluable insights to ponder upon.

Don’t forget to tune in to our podcast, “Leadership Luminaries,” with our host Michael Banks, available on all platforms! 🎧 https://peoplesmart.fr/podcasts/

Reflecting on Chris’ wisdom, ask yourself:
1️⃣ How are you actively cultivating trust with your clients?
2️⃣ What steps are you taking to foster trust within your team?
3️⃣ Which strategies are you employing to fortify trust with key stakeholders to meet your commitments?

Remember, trust is the cornerstone of success! 💼

Stay tuned, stay well, and see you soon for more enlightening discussions! 🌟


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Executive Insights – Episode 1


🎬 Episode 1: Join Chris Pether, PeopleSmart’s Founder & CEO, as she unveils our Four Growth Pillars: Clients, Financials, Technology, and People. Dive into essential insights for elevating your learning, development, and leadership journey.

Thought-provoking questions to ponder:
1. How did you cultivate your team’s enthusiasm and clarity for success yesterday?
2. What strategies do you have in place to empower your team with confidence and competence tomorrow?
3. In what ways do you equip your team to deliver success for the organisation?
4. How are you preparing your team for the challenges of the future?

Stay tuned, stay well, and see you soon for more enlightening discussions! ✨